The End: The Afterlife


The devil lies. Hell isn’t fire; it’s an icy wasteland. A tundra. it’s Siberia. I lost myself. I knew the risks, and freeze in the consequences. This is my new world. Absolute Zero. The abyss is like a familiar torturer I thought I had finally escaped.

So be it.

Chained to Gaia, your eagle devours my heart with each proclamation you make. I get torn apart by our experience each day, and yet, remain alive. Promethian. It’s the punishment I deserve for sharing my fire…..for giving all without restraint.

I blame no one. Only myself.


I thought we had lived forty years in four weeks. I aged forty years in four days. I have embraced my pain, and despair suffocated me in return. I have traversed the wasteland you have made of my heart and rebuild slowly, but surely. The ice thaws, and my season changes.

There is no period of change that does not come with pain. The birth of a new era tears the old apart like a child does to its mother. I submit to my pain like it’s a crippled god, swept away in a chaos of my making. In limbo. The deaths have stopped; reincarnation is complete. Like a toddler, I crawl once more, screaming inside, but as an adult, I smile to the world while gritting my teeth. I stumble and fall, weakened and vulnerable, but each wound hardens pain into resolve. These scars will heal.

I am strong; stronger than anyone else I know. I will walk tall again, with a true smile on my face.

Paradiso awaits.


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