Do you feel the world stop?

Has your mind been set on fire?

Can you feel your heart, your breathing stop?

As you feel every effort you made, expire?

Do you see the death of a dream?

Open your eyes.

Do you regret the forced disbanding of our team?

No matter; let’s say our goodbyes.

Do you feel it?

Drops of sweat, or liquid fears.

Maybe lust’s waterfall; how I loved to taste it.

No, it’s your heart’s rainfall. It’s called tears.

They will dry out, leaving tracks, sensations like a breeze on your skin.

Zephryean, teasing you with scents of the love we made.

You feel the loss of your soul-twin,

But will persevere with time, as all things fade.

So my darling, advance.

Don’t look back.

Make your peace; life is at the mercy of chance.


Or don’t. Only you can decide if there’s a turning back.

Never will you find contentment if you remain unsure.


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