Loneliness comes in waves.

How do I reach out to you, when I walked knowingly into this ocean of suffering? I’m drowning, like a water sacrifice to the altar of others’ happiness. Funny; they never asked me to do so, but they had better appreciate it.

Loneliness comes in waves.

The tide has dragged me too far. Is it too late to be rescued? The ripple I started in the shore of my recent past is quickly turning into a tsunami. I want to go back. What do I need to do to stay afloat? There are no mermaids here; only sharks.

Loneliness comes in waves.

There is a storm coming. I’m scared of drowning. I’m also scared of swimming back to shore. Still, even I can tell that indecision will kill me. I cannot keep suffering in silence, alone, even when surrounded by other people. I want to be understood, to be accepted as I am, on your dry earth. Nothing is stable, not earth, not water, but I am tired of water.

Loneliness comes in waves. Please, bring be back to the shore.

Inspired by Jon Bellion’s “Loneliness comes in waves”

He’s awesome!


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