It’s failing

Our tree is dying, both from neglect and overfeeding. We water it with acid rain from all our venomous arguments, poisoning it and ourselves. We fight all the time, tearing its roots out from what was supposedly good earth. Our foundation is not as solid as we thought. Our plans, hopes and dreams that was the sunlight that fed its leaves have been eclipsed by all the hurt, disappointments and apathy between us.

Where did we go wrong?

Our sapling did grow…. In the blink of an eye, it went from being a fragile shoot to an evergreen. Tall….. strong. Did its strength and security make us relax? Did we get too comfortable in our routine? Were we not a compatible graft? Did we not weed the fears and doubt out? Did we see our manicured garden, and forget that weeds can and will always grow, and choke our tree like poison ivy? When there was no common enemy to keep us united, did that make us turn upon each other, bending branches until they broke?

Our flower once bore a fruit of many flavours. Now, why does it feel like we are simply two flowers sharing one stem?

Time flies, along with our mutual patience. We sacrificed everything upon the altar of the idea that things will figure themselves out. The love between us was supposed to be strong enough to sustain us, to protect us from anything. We forgot how fragile that love can be. We forgot how hard we worked to tend our sapling. We forgot how far we went to protect it. It still needs protecting from life’s tempests. So I wonder: where are the windbreakers?

Seasons change; we are experiencing a new climate. Erosion threatens the very earth our tree is planted on. Will we save our tree, or let it die?

We need to decide, or everything else will decide for us.


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