You should not be here, but you feel it.
The darkness.
Did you enjoy your time in the light, my fallen angel? How high did you fly, my Icaria, before your feathers were burned black? How glorious was your fall into my abyss?


Set that animal free. What is pain but dark pleasure? By your bites, scratches and growls under the full moon, all over my body, you become something else my she-wolf. And by God, you are magnificent as you catch your breath in the throes of our lovemaking.

Like me, you have become more…

You knew from time immemorial, that time is meaningless to me. You have always been in sync with me, and welcomed me into you. My thoughts, words, touch. You have gloried in the sheer madness of simultaneous orgasms. You have descended into depravity; by losing yourself in me, you found yourself.

In oblivion, laid your recreation.


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