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Musings Of A Bipolar Lover

For A Sphinx

Loneliness is scary
I don’t want to be alone
Like a sickness somewhere within.
I see you
And I’m in need of a savior
Come to my rescue
Let me drag you in
I let you know everything
Whatever it is you need to hear
I need to make you feel special
So you never stay away
I put a smile on your face
All day,each day
You become mine.

You give yourself to me 100%
But i don’t believe it’s true
there is nothing you’d say,
or anyway you’d convince me
my mind plays tricks on me,
feeds me lies,
one right after another
I feign calmness;
a cover to help hide it all
The emptiness, the dissatisfaction..
I complicate the relationship
Doesn’t matter what you say or do,
It will never be enough.

The emotions stir, brew
And in a small amount of time, they flood
I ignore…

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