Monthly Archives: June 2014

Scattered Thoughts: My Woman of Power

Looking beyond dominating classes and getting BSc’s,

Beyond the beautiful curves every man wants to see,

Far, far beyond the materialism which doesn’t buy her class,

I see a level of virtue only common to a few.

A level of intelligence which keeps scoring her goals,

Balance in her walk make mercury go to hell,

A sweet white dress flowing through the mind of the eyes,

Directness of her ambition, accomplishment through submission,

Destruction to those against her, wreaking havoc to her enemies,

Yet a sweet soft voice,

Only a flute’s keys can please.

Heavenly personality, a bit aggressive socially,

Few friends, a circle, trusted for her mental stability,

A fair complexion that radiates that laugh of exuberance,

Whispers sound like cursive, the thoughts of an obsession,

And my admiration goes on…



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