Never Forgotten: A Letter To A Great Friend

Nnam Kedu?  How is  obodo Heaven? I know you are happy and having the time of your life. I wish I could post this letter to heaven but I have this feeling you are sitting right beside and watching me write. I don’t cry as often as I used to whenever I think of you, because I know how much you hated to see me cry. I’m finally over that guy you didn’t like (Chukwu daalu)

I met you at a low point in my life, and I have God, you and few others  to thank for lifting me from that mess. You called me a Queen even when I felt I didn’t deserve that title. You told me I was beautiful when I often forgot. You told me I was talented and would be a success when I felt like giving up. My life would have never been this good if I never met you. You reminded me each time that God loved me and I should never forget and love Him in return. You stopped me when I had suicidal thoughts, you said “A lot of lives won’t be the same without you” . I’m not sure I fully understood that till the morning I got the text that you had passed, My life changed that day.

I woke up that Sunday morning and before I even thanked God for giving me another chance among the living , I picked up my phone to check messages. I have never read anything so shocking and horrible. It’s taken me months to accept that I will never hear your voice again, or see you and hold you.

There’s a lot I never told you, but I will say it in this letter , hoping that somehow you’ll read it. You were a great man, and you touched many lives, you saved mine. Given more years you would have accomplished a lot more than you could have ever dreamed of. You were so kind, very attentive and very loving. I was privileged to have met you and been your friend. God knows why he called for you sooner than we were ready, but you were so great we would have never been ready to let you go no matter how much you aged. Maybe this world wasn’t good enough for you, I think that’s why. I miss you Nnam, I miss making fun of your height and calling you Iroko. I miss arguing over Nigerian Politics, you were so patriotic, I called you my President. Since you left I’ve been wondering, “ Who will be our president?” I miss our fights. I remember the day you blocked Ify and I on bbm. I kept counting down the number of days it would take you to come back, and Yes you did , I won that fight :p . I also miss you going on and on about your Mother, you loved her so much.

There would never be enough words to tell you how much I miss you, I’ll always miss and love you Nnamdi. You’ll live in my heart forever. The last time I saw you will forever  play in my head. I spent the entire day with you and your friends, I wanted to go see another friend since I was leaving back to London that night but you didn’t let me go. It was as if you knew it’d be the last time I’d see you. I begged to go but you said No, you even took me to the airport to make sure I spent every last second with you. I Hugged and kissed your cheeks goodbye, if I had known I’d never see you again I’d have hugged you a lot tighter and longer, said these things I never said to you, thanked you for saving my life countless times and being one of the best people I’d ever met. I didn’t know, I thought you’d be coming to London in the summer and we’ll turn up forever and argue politics and probably see if we can find good palm wine in London.

It’s finally been a year, I’ve accepted you’re gone, but darling you are not forgotten, you will live forever in my heart and in the hearts of everyone that loves and misses you. Your death is an excruciating painful sting but it’s also my biggest motivator. I’m motivated to live my life to the fullest because Nnam would want me to, He would want me to take my disappointments on the chin and fight harder, he taught me that. I would not let a great man down even in death. I will live a better life so that I can make heaven and see you again. Rest In Peace Nnamdi Princewill Nwuruku , I love you baby and so does the world.






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