The Epilogue: Omoba

I am immortal

My words and actions speak louder than I could ever manage, and they ensure that my memory lives as
long as there’s someone out there to read them.

I am mortal

I make mistakes, I say the wrong things. I take decisions and regret them after because I know there may
have been better ways to handle things. I’ve believed in people that I should never have put any trust in.
I’ve had hope against hope when Hope would probably have laughed at my utter stupidity.

I am strong

A world rests on my broad shoulders. Expectations and beliefs that have been vested in me from the day
I was born. The belief that my father and brother didn’t waste their time making a man out of me; the
belief that the promise I made to my mother was more than just a tattoo on my wrist; the belief that
when my friends need me, I’ll show up; the belief that my words are not just wind, and when I tell my
woman that I’ll be there, I won’t fuck up. The belief that I will always be there that I saw the first day my
daughter smiled at me

I am weak

Some days, when I wake up, the burden is more than I can manage and the weight of the world is the
weight of my sheets. It’s difficult enough to carry myself; what makes everyone think I can handle their
expectations? What if I screw up? How can I be responsible for my daughter’s life? She’s an entire
person on her own, and I’m only human. The thought of failure scares me. I’ve lived it, tasted it, felt it… I
know what it is. I don’t ever want to fail again. So I fight these fears every day.

I am a father

My child is a fragment of my soul that’ll one day change her world just as she’s changed mine. Her smile
is worth every moment of every day that I spend trying to be a better father. Seeing my hair on her head
fills me with amazement at how magnificent God is, that he could pull out such beauty from someone as
undeserving as I am is just a trip that I may never fully understand.

I am a lover

The poetry of love is tattooed across my soul. I’ve learned to love without repentance, without fear,
without punishing the present for the sins of the past. Completely, deeply… with the understanding that
love exists in the space where you give from yourself and find happiness in seeing the object of your
love become better every day.

I am a fighter

My battles are never ending. I wage wars that cannot be quantified, and sometimes I go to sleep feeling
beaten and bruised, deep in the recesses of my soul. But I get up every day knowing that the option of

giving up never existed, and so I pull out my quarterstaff, take off my iron vest and wade straight in to
fight the very best… or the very worst.

I am a believer

I choose to hope for the best, despite indications to the contrary. The world is full of the hopeless
anyway; so what’s the point, being like them? Things will work out if I work for them; if I believe every
day and keep my nose to the grindstone.

I am a writer

I make my home amongst words and metaphors. I find release with the pounding of each key and as I
pass each page, I feel a joy that very few things can come close to.

Who am I?

I am the son of a prince

I am the father of a princess

I am my woman’s man

I am my friends’ true companion

I am loved by God, even when I fail to return that love

I am eternal

I am Adeyemi


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