The Eleventh Day: Kofo

So I was dragged kicking and screaming brought on this project by Baba niyen himself, Mr Ewinorpainyew, Dayo

When I first saw all the posts that had dropped full of deep things and poetry and what not, I was like yo

Its not that deep

Like meeeen see complex.

All these writer types with their big grammar and flowing poetry and blah blah blah

Ah well. If you can’t beat them, Join them abi?

So who am I?

How does one begin to describe an enigma that defies even itself sometimes?

Nah that was a bit much…..Hmmm

How do I describe myself when I’m not even fully aware of who I am?

I can only tell you what I know; anyother thing might end up to be wildy exaggerated and fanciful. Ah well, fake it till you make it yeah? No? Fuck you plenty.

I am an amalgamation of different souls living parallel lives

I am AMOTEKUN, He who strikes fear in the hearts of the hunters brave enough to enter Igbo Irunmole.  Even the mighty Ekun treads carefully when Amotekun hunts

I am the TeddyBear. Jolly, Friendly,Cuddly,Smiler, Laugh addict, warmer than your side of the bed on a freezing morning

I am the Immortal. Igbo boy in Yoruba skin, jerk, asshole, heartbreaker, tongue like honey, words like flowing fire

I am Que. Porn star extraordinaire. Hedonist. Purveyor of pleasures of the flesh

I am Korinohono.  The Icy Flame. Mix of everything and nothing. Familiar solidity and mysterious vapour.

I am a lot of things, trying to fit into the mold this world brings forth

I am the adult male trying to become a man

I am the only son learning that to be a man is a long long ardous journey

I am the friend that sometimes needs to feel wanted

I am the ever present support who rarely has roots

The social chameleon ; the marabout ; the wanderer

Simple Complexity

The easy hard question ; The straight curved road

The broken healer ; the anti social lover

And I still dunno who I am


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