The Tenth Day: Atoke

Who Am I?

I am Yoruba

Deep, rich and cultural. The heritage passed on to me from my parents will not be left to waste.  With my knees darkened from constantly scraping the ground in humility and obeisance, I proudly bear carry my history within my soul. A wellspring from the fountain of Oduduwa, my culture teaches me to embrace hard work. The ability to know right from wrong, the vision to see that which is true and real.

I am passion

Fiercely protective and emotional, I am energy and life. I have an unending desire to do more, to be more. I strive for a better tomorrow. Constantly seeking to push the boundaries, I glow with the passion of my cause.

I am loyalty

Faithful and diligent, I stick  closer than a brother.  I’ll hug you close and never let go. Allowing the warmth of my heart radiate through my smile, I’m here to catch you when you fall. Crying with you when you are sad, wiping your brow when you’re ill and slapping sense into you when you need  it.

I am short

My height or lack of it is my shield and my  sword.  I am constantly reminded that life is about choices. I choose to wear my height with pride.  Not standing higher than my 5ft frame my spirit soars far above skyscrapers.

I am music

One with music. It flows through me and reminds me of a better place. Restoring my faith in humanity, the sound flows through my veins.  I allow the harmony and the rhythm of sound soothe me. The soft thud of the drums, the delightful chords from the violins forming the beautiful essence of my soul.

I am love

Striving to be everything Christ asks, loving every one as He loved us. Constantly reminded of my imperfection, I look up to the author and finisher of my faith. To the One who keeps me from falling, He keeps me grounded safe within his love. He is with me, and I am with him.

I am air

Whimsical and delightful, I understand that life is fleeting. So when my journey ends and I am no more, I want to be remembered with a smile. One as bright as the one I constantly wear. I want to be celebrated for being a happy person. I want memories of me to only be good ones because like air, my time here should have counted for something.

I am Atoke Ena

Nurtured for cherish and care from the homestead of warriors deep in the heart of Ogbomosho.


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