The First Day: The Introduction

“Who am I?”, you ask.


I am Abdulmalik.



I am Adedayo.



I am Omidiran.



Abdulmalik Adedayo Omidiran. An Osun yoruba muslim. Is that really all there is to me?


I am a black man. An African. A Nigerian. A south-westerner. Yoruba. Osun-yoruba. Muslim.


Which one am I?


Where does my loyalty lie?


To who or what do I identify with?


What lays claim to all that I am?














I have learned,


About faith.


About duty.


About responsibility.


About loyalty.


About betrayal.


About love.


About loss.


About hate.


About indifference.


About emptiness.


However, there is still my own nature to contend with.


I have no creed… no dogma.


I see the abyss.


My darkness,


Stares right back.


I feel no fear.


For I have learned,


That I have no one but myself.


I have learned


To acknowledge myself.


To know myself.


To accept myself.


To understand myself.


To forgive myself.


And most importantly,


To love myself.


So, if you were to ask me again,


“What am I?”


“Who am I?”


I will tell you,


I am the embodiment of all of them, and more.


I am what I am, and I am at peace with myself.


In return, I ask…


Who are you?


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