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@_Dominaa’s 100 Truths

1. Last beverage→ Tea
2. Last phone call→ Boyfriend
3. Last text message→  Boyfriend
4. Last song you listened to→ When I was your man – Bruno Mars
5. Last time you cried→ 14/03/13
6. Dated someone twice? No
7. Been cheated on?→ Yes Loads
8. Kissed someone?→ Duhhh yes
9. Lost someone special? no
10. Been depressed?→ yes
11. Been drunk and threw up? →yes

12. Red
13. Purple
14. Grey
15. Green

16. Made new friends → Yes
17. Fallen out of love → Yes
18. Laughed until you cried→ Yes
19. Met someone who changed you→ Yes
20. Found out who your true friends were →  Yes
21. Found out someone was talking about you → Lol yup
22. Kissed anyone on your friend’s list → yes x_x
23. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life → BBM? All
25. Do you have any pets → Yes Rex
26. Do you want to change your name→ No
27. What did you do for your last birthday → Got drunk
28. What time did you wake up today → 7am
29. What were you doing at midnight last night → sleeping
30. Name something you cannot wait for → starting my consulting firm
31. Last time you saw your father → Jan 2013
32. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life → I wanna get closer to God
33. What are you listening to right now → Lauren who is chatting in my ears
34. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom → Yes at work

35. What’s getting on your nerves right now? → Workkkkk
36. Most visited webpage → Linda Ikeji
37. What’s your name →  Omoteniola Modupe Yusuff
38. Nicknames→ Domina, MzT
39. Relationship Status → errr In a relationship
40. Zodiac sign→ Gemini
41. Male or female or transgendered→  urgh
42. Primary→ Mate Nurs/Pri sch
43. High School → FGGC Sagamu
44. College → Leeds 
45. Hair colour → Dark Brown
46. Long/medium/short → short
47. Height → 5’7
48. Do you have a crush on someone? Yes

49: What do you like about yourself? → The fact that im easy going
50. Home Town → Ibadan
51. Tattoos → no but soon
52. Righty or lefty → righty

53. First surgery → none
54. First relationship → 2003
55. First best friends → Tola Ayoade
56. First sport you joined → Lol Running
57. First pet → Rex
58. First vacation→ L
59. First concert → None
60. First crush → Bradley Cooper

61. Eating → plums
62. Drinking → water
63. Already missing → My boyfriend lol
64. I’m about to → Get some work done
65. Listening to → nothing
66. Thinking about → My Life
67. Waiting for? MSc

68. Want kids? → yeaaaaa
69. Want to get married? → yesss
70. Careers in mind → Yup Computer Forensic science  

71. Lips or eyes → lips
72. Hugs or kisses → kisses
73. Shorter or taller → taller
74. Older or Younger → older
75. Romantic or spontaneous → Spontaneous
76. Nice stomach or nice arms → Nice stomach
77. Sensitive or loud → sensitive
78. Hook-up or relationship → relationship
79. Trouble maker or hesitant→ troublemaker

81. Drank hard liquor → yup love it 
82. Lost glasses/contacts → yes
83. Had sex on 1st date – no
84. Broken someone’s heart → yup
85. Had your own heart broken → yuppp
86. Been arrested → no
87. Turned someone down → yes
88. Cried when someone died → yes
89. Liked a friend that of the same sex? → yes lol

90. Yourself → yes
91. Miracles → oh yes
92. Love at first sight → yes
93. Heaven → Yes
94. Santa Claus → yes I dooooo
95. Kiss on the first date? → Oh yes
96. Angels → yes

97. Is there one person you want to be with right now? Yes Dayo
98. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend? No
99. Wish you could change things in your past? Yes
100. Are you posting this as 100 Truths? → Yes


The Epilogue: Omoba

I am immortal

My words and actions speak louder than I could ever manage, and they ensure that my memory lives as
long as there’s someone out there to read them.

I am mortal

I make mistakes, I say the wrong things. I take decisions and regret them after because I know there may
have been better ways to handle things. I’ve believed in people that I should never have put any trust in.
I’ve had hope against hope when Hope would probably have laughed at my utter stupidity.

I am strong

A world rests on my broad shoulders. Expectations and beliefs that have been vested in me from the day
I was born. The belief that my father and brother didn’t waste their time making a man out of me; the
belief that the promise I made to my mother was more than just a tattoo on my wrist; the belief that
when my friends need me, I’ll show up; the belief that my words are not just wind, and when I tell my
woman that I’ll be there, I won’t fuck up. The belief that I will always be there that I saw the first day my
daughter smiled at me

I am weak

Some days, when I wake up, the burden is more than I can manage and the weight of the world is the
weight of my sheets. It’s difficult enough to carry myself; what makes everyone think I can handle their
expectations? What if I screw up? How can I be responsible for my daughter’s life? She’s an entire
person on her own, and I’m only human. The thought of failure scares me. I’ve lived it, tasted it, felt it… I
know what it is. I don’t ever want to fail again. So I fight these fears every day.

I am a father

My child is a fragment of my soul that’ll one day change her world just as she’s changed mine. Her smile
is worth every moment of every day that I spend trying to be a better father. Seeing my hair on her head
fills me with amazement at how magnificent God is, that he could pull out such beauty from someone as
undeserving as I am is just a trip that I may never fully understand.

I am a lover

The poetry of love is tattooed across my soul. I’ve learned to love without repentance, without fear,
without punishing the present for the sins of the past. Completely, deeply… with the understanding that
love exists in the space where you give from yourself and find happiness in seeing the object of your
love become better every day.

I am a fighter

My battles are never ending. I wage wars that cannot be quantified, and sometimes I go to sleep feeling
beaten and bruised, deep in the recesses of my soul. But I get up every day knowing that the option of

giving up never existed, and so I pull out my quarterstaff, take off my iron vest and wade straight in to
fight the very best… or the very worst.

I am a believer

I choose to hope for the best, despite indications to the contrary. The world is full of the hopeless
anyway; so what’s the point, being like them? Things will work out if I work for them; if I believe every
day and keep my nose to the grindstone.

I am a writer

I make my home amongst words and metaphors. I find release with the pounding of each key and as I
pass each page, I feel a joy that very few things can come close to.

Who am I?

I am the son of a prince

I am the father of a princess

I am my woman’s man

I am my friends’ true companion

I am loved by God, even when I fail to return that love

I am eternal

I am Adeyemi

The Final Day: Jibola

Who am I?


The question echoes across the cave of this life and the lives before it. Ahm-eye-ahm-eye, the universe echoes back. Close your eyes, my countrymen and listen. Hear the chorus of the dissenting voices reply as they rise in crescendo. Listen to the beat of the Gangan, it is not innocuous in its deep bellows. In the ambient noise as with a thousand Altoes, hear them slip through the cracks and go inward. Inward, into you. Down, down the rabbit hole. Come my people, in this dissonance find your melody; and in our chaos bourne from the wings of the innocent laba-laba find your peace.


You are a bastard 


An appellation borne out of a heart smeared with hate, your declaration comes. I don’t disagree with you. However, I see in the looking glass, the face of my father, and his father before him. Every feature is a deja vu; from that nose, royal in its bent but born into paucity to the legs, endless as an Igunnu at full glory. I sway to the drum beat of the song of my origin and dance on this red earth like my ancestors before. Asunkungbade;  the one who acquires the throne with the instrument of tears. Ajifotiwebiagbaraojo; the one who bathes in alcohol like children in a torrential downpour. It is me, there is none other.


You are the best


Your countenances breathes appreciation and contentment. Even in the positivity of that, and the warmth it spreads across my chest, I know. I know that isn’t who I am. I strive for it, pray for it. But it’s not me; not yet. We will get there.


Your voices, though strong like buttocks of the Inaki, and steeped in conviction like the calls of the midnight owl, are not enough to sway me. I am the Iroko and your intended castes like the gentle afternoon breeze. I will not conform. The corn and the millet are easily moved but I cannot. I am the one whose roots delve deep into the earth and shakes hands with the gods of the land. I refuse to bow. I refuse to let you define me. Good or bad, I am who I say I am. I am a lover first. The one who has loved without remorse and lost it all with repose and then gained it all again like nothing was lost.


I am the beacon; the light giver. I do not tower over my peers for nothing. There is a reason the light house points its lone finger to the sky. In a world where individuality is all but gone and we’ve lost our souls on the bandwagon without a GPS, I am the one.


Good, bad, love me or hate me;


I am ‘Jibola

The Twelfth Day: Nene

Who am I?


I stall and stall because I don’t know what to say. It’s not because I lack the words, because I don’t. Or I do. But only because they have refused to leave my hands and flow onto the white sheet in front of me.

But I know I have to write anyway, so I relax and I let the words flow.


“One day you see a strange little girl look at you”


I’m that strange little girl, looking at you. The one with the wide innocent eyes and the thirst for knowledge. The one that smiles like she’s the only one in the world with joy in her heart. The one with the fairy voice, that one.


I am a woman.

His woman.


Whole. Complete. Imperfect. Aware. Honest. Wanton.

Collage of flaws, perfect in my imperfection.



Not just a writer. Because the music speaks to me. The paintings call to me and draw me in, completely. The dance, the food, the pictures.


“I am arms to hold

Lips to speak.”


I am strong.

But weak enough to need support.
















I am the song. I am the muse. I am the lover. I am unashamed.


I am me.


The Eleventh Day: Kofo

So I was dragged kicking and screaming brought on this project by Baba niyen himself, Mr Ewinorpainyew, Dayo

When I first saw all the posts that had dropped full of deep things and poetry and what not, I was like yo

Its not that deep

Like meeeen see complex.

All these writer types with their big grammar and flowing poetry and blah blah blah

Ah well. If you can’t beat them, Join them abi?

So who am I?

How does one begin to describe an enigma that defies even itself sometimes?

Nah that was a bit much…..Hmmm

How do I describe myself when I’m not even fully aware of who I am?

I can only tell you what I know; anyother thing might end up to be wildy exaggerated and fanciful. Ah well, fake it till you make it yeah? No? Fuck you plenty.

I am an amalgamation of different souls living parallel lives

I am AMOTEKUN, He who strikes fear in the hearts of the hunters brave enough to enter Igbo Irunmole.  Even the mighty Ekun treads carefully when Amotekun hunts

I am the TeddyBear. Jolly, Friendly,Cuddly,Smiler, Laugh addict, warmer than your side of the bed on a freezing morning

I am the Immortal. Igbo boy in Yoruba skin, jerk, asshole, heartbreaker, tongue like honey, words like flowing fire

I am Que. Porn star extraordinaire. Hedonist. Purveyor of pleasures of the flesh

I am Korinohono.  The Icy Flame. Mix of everything and nothing. Familiar solidity and mysterious vapour.

I am a lot of things, trying to fit into the mold this world brings forth

I am the adult male trying to become a man

I am the only son learning that to be a man is a long long ardous journey

I am the friend that sometimes needs to feel wanted

I am the ever present support who rarely has roots

The social chameleon ; the marabout ; the wanderer

Simple Complexity

The easy hard question ; The straight curved road

The broken healer ; the anti social lover

And I still dunno who I am

The Tenth Day: Atoke

Who Am I?

I am Yoruba

Deep, rich and cultural. The heritage passed on to me from my parents will not be left to waste.  With my knees darkened from constantly scraping the ground in humility and obeisance, I proudly bear carry my history within my soul. A wellspring from the fountain of Oduduwa, my culture teaches me to embrace hard work. The ability to know right from wrong, the vision to see that which is true and real.

I am passion

Fiercely protective and emotional, I am energy and life. I have an unending desire to do more, to be more. I strive for a better tomorrow. Constantly seeking to push the boundaries, I glow with the passion of my cause.

I am loyalty

Faithful and diligent, I stick  closer than a brother.  I’ll hug you close and never let go. Allowing the warmth of my heart radiate through my smile, I’m here to catch you when you fall. Crying with you when you are sad, wiping your brow when you’re ill and slapping sense into you when you need  it.

I am short

My height or lack of it is my shield and my  sword.  I am constantly reminded that life is about choices. I choose to wear my height with pride.  Not standing higher than my 5ft frame my spirit soars far above skyscrapers.

I am music

One with music. It flows through me and reminds me of a better place. Restoring my faith in humanity, the sound flows through my veins.  I allow the harmony and the rhythm of sound soothe me. The soft thud of the drums, the delightful chords from the violins forming the beautiful essence of my soul.

I am love

Striving to be everything Christ asks, loving every one as He loved us. Constantly reminded of my imperfection, I look up to the author and finisher of my faith. To the One who keeps me from falling, He keeps me grounded safe within his love. He is with me, and I am with him.

I am air

Whimsical and delightful, I understand that life is fleeting. So when my journey ends and I am no more, I want to be remembered with a smile. One as bright as the one I constantly wear. I want to be celebrated for being a happy person. I want memories of me to only be good ones because like air, my time here should have counted for something.

I am Atoke Ena

Nurtured for cherish and care from the homestead of warriors deep in the heart of Ogbomosho.

The Ninth Day: Uche

Who am I?


I am a child of Oduduwa, born from the land of the rising sun.

A product of two clashing cultures, I am the best of both nations.


I am Igbo.

Umu nwaanyi Ani.

Daughter of the earth goddess.

The goddess herself speaks to me.

I feel her power in my blood.

Fertility, creativity, mortality.

Mine to channel, harness, explore.


The souls of ndiichie, my ancestors, cry out from the bowels of Ani.

They whisper words of wisdom, of courage, of inspiration.

Guiding my nightly passage through the spirit world, to the song that precedes my rise into the morning.

They  fill my heart with fire, and a determination to surpass every obstacle in my way.


I am Yoruba.

Arike Oke.

Oke Mesun agbo.

Omo aji la la esho.

Omo aji fi ojo gbogbo dara.


The oriki precedes my daily rise, calling me into the land of the living from my slumber.

Daughter of Adunni Omoboyepe, the  princess warrior.

Grand-daughter of Abonike, omo eso Ikoyi.

Obirin to jagun bi ekun.

More cunning than the fox, stealth as a chameleon, with the strength of ten men and the bravery of Moremi.


I am female.

Tall, and strong, with the round buttocks and swaying hips that spell fertility.

A vessel of life.

I wear my femininity proudly, because it is not a disability but an advantage.

My strength lies in what others mistake for weakness.


But I am no ordinary woman, you see.

I do not cower in fear of any challenge.

I  bow to no man, for I am not a servant.

Some may call it pride, but I call it self-worth.

A goddess does not bend to the wishes of even a king.

My chi forbids it.

My knees may graze the floor and my head may kiss the ground, only in service of Olodumare, the Creator of heaven and earth.


I am young.

The length of my days stretch out like a blank canvas before me,

Begging to be marked however I wish.

I have time on my side.

One whose eyes have seen from birth what the elders only realize in age.

Yet in the folly of my youth, I sputter these words before they are ripe.


I am imperfect.

For all that I am, I am also deeply flawed, prone to error.

I stumble and fall,

I hurt the ones that I love.

I pile my mistakes high till they become seemingly insurmountable mountains before me.


But even these cannot stop me.

I will rise victorious, taking the hands of those same ones as I go,

Making amends and building bridges.

Kingdoms may rise and fall, but the earth plants my feet strong.

The winds may howl and the waters may rage, but I will not be swayed.


Grafted and charted by Chukwu himself, the Fates cannot change my course.

I am a force beyond nature.


I am Uchechukwu Ani.

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