I wrote this for my sister’s project, about three years ago. I believe that putting it here wont count as plagiarism, right? 🙂



I wish I could turn back from this path I took

I want to return to my golden age

To rewrite my life like an author penning a book

Where my ignorance will remain immortal and never age


In my foolishness, I discarded my innocence

I believed it was akin to a lack of common sense

So I bowed to peer pressure and created a new me

Now I can barely remember who I used to be


I have decayed in body, rotted in mind

With no one to turn to for help, as I’m supposed to be great

I doubt I’d even recognize sympathy, as I’m emotionally blind

And all I can do now is lament as a prisoner of my own fate


Here I am now, full of experience

Fully aware that noting would suffice

As a substitute for the price of my sacrifice

Of my youth; I’ll never return to innocence



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