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I wrote this for my sister’s project, about three years ago. I believe that putting it here wont count as plagiarism, right? 🙂



I wish I could turn back from this path I took

I want to return to my golden age

To rewrite my life like an author penning a book

Where my ignorance will remain immortal and never age


In my foolishness, I discarded my innocence

I believed it was akin to a lack of common sense

So I bowed to peer pressure and created a new me

Now I can barely remember who I used to be


I have decayed in body, rotted in mind

With no one to turn to for help, as I’m supposed to be great

I doubt I’d even recognize sympathy, as I’m emotionally blind

And all I can do now is lament as a prisoner of my own fate


Here I am now, full of experience

Fully aware that noting would suffice

As a substitute for the price of my sacrifice

Of my youth; I’ll never return to innocence





Hey Guys,

I’m sorry that I haven’t put anything up in a while, but I just haven’t had any inspiration. Besides, I’ve been working on a “collection”, featuring a bunch of great writers (excited about this). This will be my first set of invitations and they have not disappointed me. I believe that they will impress you even more. Watch this space 🙂

Until then, please accept this little offering served from a tired, yet sleepless insomnia-filled mind:


You’re happy.

I can see it. You’re positively glowing. The brightness of your joy illuminates every part of you; it’s warm, bright….blinding. The reason is simple. Her. You’re in love again, aren’t you? I wonder why you fall so easily…. It’s pathetic. You’re weak. The irony is that we both know how it’s going to end and that fact is not even remotely amusing anymore. For once, why can’t you just break free of this vicious cycle? I am sick of your bullshit.

You met her and thought it would be the usual fling. I mean, she’s just a woman…..replaceable, therefore expendable. What made her stand out from the other women who vied for the shambles you call your heart? “Nothing, and everything” remains the reply you tell anyone who cared to ask. It was amusing when you began to get attached. You couldn’t help yourself, right? She was hurt, damaged, a victim of her past relationships, just like you. You found a kindred spirit. You just had to fix her, in the hope that you would simultaneously fix yourself. You really are such a loser…

Did you think you’d just forget about me? You’re a stinking ingrate…. I was there when nobody else could notice your pain. I was your rock, your pillar. I was that breaker that prevented the waves of despair from drowning you after your last love crushed your…..heart…. Now THAT was a woman- Powerful. Demanding. Proud. But Insecure. Needy. Selfish. Wicked. She was beautiful, and yet terrible. She wanted it all: your body, heart and soul. She almost got them all; hell, she still torments you doesn’t she? As far as she is concerned, she is not done with you. I’m guessing that if she can’t have you, no one else can, right? See why she’s my favourite out of all the women you’ve had? 

Let’s not deviate. I was there for you. When you shrank into your own shell and sealed your emotions from anyone, I comforted you. I accepted your darkness, nursed your anger, fed your sorrow. I returned your pride to you, along with what was left of your self-esteem. I LOVED you! Now that you have found another woman, one you apparently love, you want to forget me? How dare you ignore me? You dare to deny my existence??? Unforgivable!!!!

I will prove to you that I am better than you are…. I will not avenge this insult; you will do it for me. I will prove to you that I know you, better than anyone else…..including that woman that you’re fixated on. You will destroy this love with your own hands. You won’t be able to help yourself. You’re greedy, and selfish to boot. You shall find no absolution with this woman. You are what you are, just like I am what I am. The difference is that I accept that fact, unlike you.

It’s only a matter of time before you come crawling back to me. This is because you need me. You can’t live without me; I complete you. I AM you. I am your darkness…..the real you. I will never let you go….

I’ll be waiting

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