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The Complication

Falling From Grace……

I know I shouldn’t
But to say no, I couldn’t
To go all out for it, I wouldn’t
Ergo……give in to this temptation, I mustn’t.


I’m doomed to fail, no matter how I try
Despite a pure conscience, I make her cry
Because she’s having feelings I must deny
When all I wanted to be (to her) is a nice guy.

Effort or Excuse….?

While I can only offer friendship, I trust she’ll refuse it
Her anger is a ticking bomb; I must defuse it
She got the wrong idea; means she confused this
Even though I made things clear, does it excuse this?

At the End…

I know she’ll soon make her move
Everything’s gonna start with a kiss
Thing is, I’m not sure I’ll stop her, or move
This is something I should, but yet, can’t miss.

Paradise Lost..

I feel like we’re on the eve of Creation
I can sense the birth of Fatal Attraction
We’re drowning in the tide of Sexual Tension
Yes, we’re drifting away in the ebb of Seduction.


This belongs to us; This is our moment
Past and future cease to exist, only the present
Right now, we’re more than stars; we’ve formed a nebula
But don’t forget, this complication will destroy us in its supernova.

Till then……..Welcome to Oblivion


Paradise Lost

I accepted her darkness

Her near madness

The sadness



From her, I wanted nothing

Or maybe everything

Just something



She joyfully toys with my vanity

Crushes my humanity

Obscures clarity



I should be her salvation

She’s my destructuin





Endured purgatorio

Her love, incognito

Will she grant me paradiso?



My illusion

A wrong conclusion

That she could be my absolution



Important someone

Her “Only One”

I should know better; I’m no one



Some honesty

I deserve decency

She “loves” me with brutality

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