Oh Yeah

“Ohhh yeahhhhhh….” No one purrs the way you do. Those words always send shivers down my spine, and hearing you whisper them as you nibble on my ear  in sends me into hot and cold flashes. There’s no way I’m going to make it easy for you, so I will run my hands down your back as I kiss your neck. No lip-locking; we’re just friends after all….. Your hands caress my hair and I can feel your fingers dig into my scalp. You want to establish dominance, Yes? Domina, this one. I don’t mind one bit, I’m curious to see what you will do with it, however, anything freely given is worth nothing. Fight for it.

I take it up a notch. I turn you around and push you against the wall, and like clock work, you push against my crotch. I can’t help but smile… Our Jackets are off; we want more skin. I lift your hair from the nape of your neck so I can trail soft kisses down to the spot right between your shoulder blades and squeeze your breasts through your shirt. You try hard to hide it, but you like it. “I’ll slap you”, you say to me, but we both know it’s an empty threat. You grind harder, and I had to pause to take in for the umpteenth time, that wonder that is your bum. I can see your waist beads, and they excite me. I can’t help but wonder what kind of underwear you have on under those tight jeans. I shove my hand down your panties and you do the same, synchronised  Stroking, slowly, almost lovingly….. I can see you biting your lip, whispering those magic words, “Oh yeah…..” 

I must inform you that I’m not really feeling very gentlemanly today; you’re provoking it out of me. I turn you around and pin your hands on the wall and forcefully kiss you. You fight back….oh lord, I like it….. You bite my lower lip, and I can taste blood. Is it weird that the pain only serves to turn me on more? This time, you’re gentle. Are you trying to apologize, I wonder? We’re good friends anyway…. Your arms are around my neck and I can’t help myself- I grab your ass. I’ve wanted to do that from the moment you purred in my ear. I see you  like it, since you’ve jumped on me. I carry you straight to the table; at this point, I have no further patience or tolerance for clothes. You then decide to take it all off for me, perform for me. I never thought I would appreciate a song from Dipp, but Rock Your Body was making sense. I can’t help but laugh out loud in happiness. Yemi Alade definitely cannot compare to you in underwear.

Honestly, you should be rewarded. Just as you let me watch you undress, is the same way I’ll let you watch me please you. Sorry, but your underwear stays on for now. It’s for both our sakes. It’s difficult enough to restrain myself as I am right now; seeing you in anything less will drive me over the edge. You’re back on the table now, and I’m sitting on the chair right in front of you like I’m about to have dinner plant your feet on my thighs. I start from your left knee, featherlike kisses making your breath catch as I reach your center. You squirm and push towards me, but I skip it to move to the inside of your right thigh. I’m feeling naughty now, so I bite you on that thigh, firm enough to make you jump but gentle enough to make you giggle. You’re restless now, and I’m feeling really generous, so I move that thong to the side and eat you up. It’s amazing how you drip when you get turned on. The heat it gives off is almost feverish. You excite me to no end… I decide to tease a bit more, and se just the tip of my tongue on your clit and feel you shudder. A low growl escapes your throat and your hands find their way to my head, egging me on. I know you want me to go deeper, but I’m too busy kissing those lips….

“Oh yeahhhhhhh”, you moan as I decide to let my tongue foray into your depths. I can see you biting your lips, closing your eyes. That’s not allowed. I stop to remind you to watch me and threaten you that I will totally stop if you disobey. You hurriedly agree and I know why: you are throbbing down there, strong like a heartbeat. This time, you try not to close your eyes, even when i maintain eye contact as I slowly lick you from the bottom to the top like an ice cream, even when I suck on your clit like a piece of toffee, fading away on your tongue. You like it when I grab your thighs and pull you closer as I get into it. You get more turned on as I grab your bum and suspend your hips off the table. You’re into it, and I’m with it… I know that squeezing your bum as I ravage your walls with my tongue makes you grind on me. I know the stroking your breasts and then pinching your nipples makes you groan. I know it all. You’re losing control; it’s time for the coup de grace. I then lick your clit while stroking your g-spot with the crook of my middle finger. Spasms……the long, drawn out moan…. the way you touch yourself as you bask in the pleasure of the orgasm has me throbbing. 

I want to have you right there on the table. I pull your thong off with my teeth and spread you wide open. I’m naked, waiting to have you. The condom is in your hand. Make the choice: will you discard your virginity tonight?


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