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Hello People

It’s your flaky writer here again (lol). Okay, seriously, I’m MAD busy with schoolwork, and also  haven’t had the inspiration to write in a while. This post wasn’t initially conceived the to be the way it is now, but as usual, I’m a free-flow writer. I hope, as a friend said, that this will just open the gates to more posts. I hope you like this on in the interim.



Jeremih- I Like

Sweetheart, you know what I want. There are a whole lot of things I’d like to do to you….

Donnell Jones- This Love

Make your choice.

Well, choice is an illusion; It was made a while ago, right? You’re on your way here, aren’t you? 

I want you listening to Craig David’s “Rendezvous” in transit. “Here I am, writing you a love song…..” Well, not exactly….. But still, I want you serenaded for every minute you’re here.” Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing is on: Isn’t that why you’re here? 

 Robin Thicke- Sex Therapy/ Rihanna- Loveeeee Song

You need to feel good. I aim to please, darling. 

John Legend- Tonight

It’s not our first time. Impressing you is nothing, but tonight just feels different…..

Despite how cool I appear, honestly, I’m hot under the collar. I’ve been waiting for this moment. Been waiting for you…..

Trey Songz- Love You Down

Don’t make me wait……please….

Marques Houston- Naked 

I can’t help myself. Still, it’s that restraint that will make the release all the more intense. It’s almost like a ritual… I can feel my breath get shorter, with each item you discard. The anticipation will never get old. Despite knowing exactly what I will see when everything is off, my excitement remains immortal…… “Hurry up”, I want to say, but I know it’s worth the wait. This is pleasurable torture.

Drake- Shut it down 

You ARE beautiful. From head to toe, a collection of masterpieces. I’m proud to be the curator of this museum that is your body.

 Let’s go.

Rihanna’s “Skin” is up…… S….E….X…. You want me, but nowhere near the way I want you. You can do better. Therefore, I will punish you. You will be denied what you crave most. You will know not, the joy of that release. I will whip your passion, inflame your desire. I should be inside you, but all you will get is foreplay. 

Common- Go

Mind sex. You getting served while serving me. Free love I wanna see. Hot sex in the third degree………… Can you see it yet? I will never be satisfied with just your body. I want it all- your heart, mind…. soul. You can struggle and rebel, but that will onIy excite me more….

Rest assured, I will

Dominate you

Conquer you

Enslave you

Own you

The Weeknd- High for this

Yes, I want you intoxicated: Kush invading your lungs, strawberries for your palate, with champagne, making your head feel like a geyser. But most importantly, I want you intoxicated on me…… Discard your inhibitions. Submit. Obey me, and I will give you everything.

The Dream- Falsetto

How high can your voice go? Rather, how high can you go? How much pleasure can your body take? How much can your mind soak in before the line between pleasure and insanity blur? It is like we are at war, with each other, in a slow but fierce battle as Usher’s “Mars Vs Venus” sets the pace for us. Slow thrusts… Out of body, out of mind. Like time and space have bent, along with your thoughts. My beauty, you eclipse the stars in this space that is our union, and as the (our) worlds collide, we’ll create another Big Bang

The hallucinations begin as Afro croons in The ISES’ “All the time”. You can feel everything, in a state of heightened awareness as I play your nerve strings like the electric guitar in the background. Everything makes sense: The infinite cycles: life, death. Yin/Yang. Karma. You have found Nirvana. You are full to bursting, and yet, you know emptiness, true oblivion… Controlled chaos…You are transcendent, for the briefest of times, within that orgasm, your heart stops as I set your spirit free. We call this “La Petite Mort”.

Jeremih- Raindrops

Still on cloud 9? I’ll wait for you to come back down…….Or I could just keep going…. Once will never be enough. Fortunately or not, I’m greedy.

 Miguel- Adorn

I really should stop before I let myself go. It’s not just my body; I will get caught up. That’s dangerous. There’s something about you that stops me from following logic. Instead, I find myself trying to do more, to show my…….. I dare not say it

Miguel-Girls Like You

Simply because you’re hypnotic, entrancing. Despite myself, I must admit that there’s no one like you……. You really do get me……

Robin Thicke- Lost Without You

I can’t deny it. You are my totem, my rock, my lighthouse, the beacon guiding me home to you. No matter how far I stray, how lost I am, I do take solace in the fact that you’re there. We are just like the heavenly bodies. I may be surrounded by moons like Jupiter, but you are my sun.

Maxwell- This Woman’s work

May my emotions succeed where words fail….. Maybe you will understand when I kiss you, again, and again…..and again…

J.Holiday- Bed. 

I love you

Justin Timberlake- I think she knows

For a second…….just for a second, I see it: Perfection………… Then I blink

Usher- Climax

And I remember why we are presently the way we are. Why it hasn’t worked. Why I’m done with you.

John Legend- Another Again

But fuck me, you’re here, again, to fuck me. I swore last time was the last time. We will fight again, that’s for sure. I will try to replace you again. I will fail again; that too, is for sure. Sex  is not the driving force between us; there are too many other people for that. However, it happens to be the only excuse suitable enough for our egos to explain why we are at this point again. Even we know how this will end….

 Ryan Leslie- Addiction

This complication…… We’re fucked up. This isn’t healthy, but we will never stop. We will run around in circles, each too afraid to go all the way, but would rather die than break away. We are two parts of the same whole; maybe one day we’ll have the courage to admit it.

 Until Then…..

 Lil’Jon- Lovers And Friends

These, we are. Always and Forever.




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