In A Connoisseur’s Eyes

Skin’s like a Cappuccino

Eyes a Mocha Latte
Hair’s Coffee black
Lips like Hot Chocolate

Hourglass figure like a Coke bottle
Ample bottom like that of a Hennessey
Lovely legs, shaped like an unopened Nuovo
Soft, satin breasts like Godiva’s Ice Cream

Impressionist like a Donatello
Exact, specific like a Da Vinci
Holy, religious like a Michelangelo
Beautiful, exquisite like a Rafael Santi

It’s fated for one to burn in her fiery passion
But get cooled in her water-still peace
And feel secure in her well-grounded, earthy care
Upon her airy spirit will one be set free

She’s the desirable Queen of Hearts
Right now, you’re just a Club Jester
You need nothing less than the Ace of Spades
If you want to be her Diamond King


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